Why Do a Focus Group?

Why Do a Focus Group?

Why Do a Focus Group?

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Do a Focus Group

Wondering why you should do a focus group? There are a number of reasons, all of them pretty awesome.

You might not realize it, but focus groups are still pretty prevalent, and they’re always looking for participants. You probably have an idea in your head about what a focus group is like from TV and movies, and to be honest, they’re actually pretty accurate.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a focus group, and you have the time to do one, it’s actually much easier to become a participant than you might think.

Here are 5 reasons why you should do a focus group.

1. You Get to Check Out All Kinds of New Products and Services

One of the biggest reasons to do a focus group is that you get insight into cutting-edge products and services. You get to see what’s potentially coming onto the market, something that most people never get to see.

In fact, what’s really interesting is that you get to see products and services that might never reach the market. You’ll get to see the inner workings of a company and what they think consumers like you want (or don’t want).

Most people never get to see stuff like this. They only see what makes it onto the market. This brings us to our next point.

2. Why Do a Focus Group? You Have the Chance to Influence New Products and Services

Why do a focus group? Because you can make your voice heard.

Not only do most people only see the products and services that make it to the market, but they have no say whatsoever in the making of those products — they can only comment on the final product.

Sure, they can leave reviews and say what they think about each product, but by then, it’s too late — the product isn’t going to change much for months or years.

That’s why being in a focus group is so cool — you get to have a real impact on products and services that companies are considering putting out into the world.

You might be saving the world from a low-quality product or a service no one wants, or you might just influence a product or service that’s just on the cusp of being great, helping the company that created it to make it good enough to sell.

3. You Can Potentially Influence Political Messaging, and Even How Lawyers Might Argue in Court

Most people think of focus groups as ways for big companies to test their products and services, but there are all kinds of focus groups, including focus groups run by political parties, and even law firms.

When a big election is coming up (or really any election), political candidates, political groups, think tanks, and even entire political parties, want to make sure they’re able to reach people in the best way possible.

It’s not always easy to do that. There are people who do nothing but think about how best to position their candidates and political parties for success, but even though they’re experts, there’s no substitute for finding out how people really feel.

That’s where you come in. Some of the most successful political slogans have come about because someone came up with a variety of options and then tried them out on participants in focus groups.

The ones that people responded to best became the slogans we all heard during election years.

Perhaps surprisingly, law firms can do the same thing because the way they argue in court is so important to potential outcomes.

For these focus groups, lawyers are trying to figure out the best way to persuade a jury. They have a variety of potential arguments, so they need to narrow them down and see what works best.

Depending on the type of case they’re arguing, you might be able to have a serious impact on someone’s life by helping their lawyers defend them successfully. This is more than just helping a company make a better product or a more useful service — this is changing someone’s life.

These are all great reasons why you should do a focus group.

4. You Get Paid

The simple truth is that most people aren’t just doing focus groups for the reasons above. For many participants, those are just bonuses — they’re really doing it because focus groups pay, and sometimes, they pay really well.

No matter who is conducting the focus group or what their goals are, they often want to have a diverse group of people who are going to (hopefully) get along well and have real, impactful conversations that they can learn from.

This has a lot of value to the people who are running the focus groups. It can actually be pretty hard to put together the right group — they might struggle to find just the right people who fit the criteria they’re looking for.

If you fit those criteria, you become valuable to them — and they’re willing to pay. Not all focus groups pay a ton of money, but because you’re usually just spending an afternoon chatting about something, the amount you get paid turns out to be a decent hourly rate.

This could be a simple side hustle for you if you do it regularly, or it could be something that you do because you’ve always wanted to see what focus groups are all about, but in either case, you’re getting cash in your pocket.

Getting paid is a great reason why you should do a focus group.

5. Why Do a Focus Group? They’re Just Plain Fun

Lots of people think of focus groups as potentially boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Focus groups are fun! They’re a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon. All you’re really doing is chatting about ideas — whether they be products, services, political messages, or even arguments by law firms.

If you love talking to other people and getting into interesting discussions, then a focus group is for you, and you should definitely consider doing a focus group.

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